Money Making Opportunity
Our company has been in business for over 20 years. We sell leads to the automotive industry. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are looking for auto sales job. If you have dreamed of working for yourself, or even adding something on the side, then this is a great opportunity for you to look at a auto sales job. 

This is a great auto sales job in the automotive industry.

These "leads" are people who are shopping for a car, so auto dealers love them. (If you work for an auto dealer, this is an incredible opportunity to make some extra money.) The ROI is 1 car sold per 100 leads, which means dealers reorder our data. This means continued commissions to you.

You earn a great commission on each sale. Leads sell for $1.00 each, and you earn .20 per lead sold.  These sales are residual, meaning each month you will earn commissions on each dealer you sell. So, if you sign up 10 dealers and they are ordering 1,000 leads per month, that means $2000.00 to you each month. Once you sell the dealer, we do all of the back-end work and delivery. You get a commission each month they reorder.  You will be able to log in and see the sales you've made and commissions you have coming. This way you can track your progress.

We are only looking for a couple of auto sales jobs in each state. Remember, once you've sold these dealers, they are yours as long as they continue to reorder. We also offer the dealer a mailing option, and you can earn as much as .40 per mailer sent. Using the example above of 10 dealers ordering 1,000 leads per month, your commission grows to $4,000 a month!

All payments are residual. So as long as we have the dealer you signed up. The checks keep coming to you.

These are real numbers. If you are interested in making extra money, or you're just tired of the 9-5 routine, call us at 423-276-0793 or email

Money Making Opportunity
Money Making Opportunity

In today's job market it is hard to find a job. We have a great money making opportunity for self motivated individuals who are tired of 9-5 and want to have some independence. We have a money making opportunity that will help you provide in these slow economic times.

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Money Making Opportunity
Money Making Opportunity


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